Lawson’s Mountain Rambler – Horse For Sale

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Lawson’s Mountain Rambler – Horse For Sale
$5,000.00 Firm
Chocolate Rocky Mountain Gelding

Horse For Sale

Great Trail Horse
Rides great alone
Lots of experance
Great with clippers and bathing
Easy Keeper

Birth Date: 03-05-2002
Secondary Breed: Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
Height: 14.3 hands
Temperament: 3 (1=Very Quiet, 10=Highly Spirited)

Located at: 13813 Lincoln Street
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Rambler’s History I bought Rambler as a weanling from a friend that bought him in KY. I decided I wanted a Rocky Mountain Horse when my friends were riding Rockies and the Rockies had a faster and smoother gait, then the Spotted Saddle Horse I was riding. Rambler has been my trail horse the past four years. I trained him in the spring of 2004. I go on the Cross Country Trail Ride in MO. every May; this year is our 11th anniversary. Rambler has been there three times. I belong to the Michigan Trail Riders and go on their rides usually a week at a time in June, September and October. I have five weeks vacation and I use it all horse back riding. I also do a lot of weekend rides. Rambler has a lot of trail riding, camping and traveling experience. No problem with water, bridges or any thing else you may cross. He does not always want to be the leader but will follow the other horses. Rambler also rides great alone. Rambler is good in cross ties, He stand good for the farrier. Excellent with clippers, I body clip him every spring before we go to MO. Loads in the horse trailer OK but some times he stops at the door and I have to have someone tap him on the rear. If I’m alone I put a rope on his rear, sometime he walks in before I even get the rope in place. (I think he just likes to make me work). Rambler will not back out of a trailer (my fault). I have a three horse slant trailer and I always load Rambler first so I always turned him to unload. Now he will not back out. Rambler does not rear or buck. He never tried to buck not even the first time under saddle. He did have a problem with kicking when he was eating, and tried to kick the farrier once. I walk around him all the time in the stall and he has not tried to kick me but I’m still careful with strangers cialis ejaculation around him. When tacking up to ride in cross ties Rambler stands great. On the side of the trailer he moves around some because of all the other horses and excitement. When riding Rambler with a big group he is more excited. When riding him alone or with one or two horses he may be excited the first ten minutes or so then settles down. He likes to ride in the middle of the pack and will lead, but does not like riding in the back. He does not like horses running up behind him and he does not like being left behind. As Rambler gets older he will get over that fear he is still a little insecure. Rambler has never been sick I have the vet out every spring for shots and a health check. I de-worm every two months. Rambler does have a scar on his back inside leg on his white stocking he went through a tape fence before I bought him. It was just a surface wound but did leave a scar. Rambler will make the right person a great horse,,,Thanks Deb.

Competitive Trail Endurance Riding English Pleasure
Halter Harness Pleasure Driving
Show Youth Horse

Trail Horse

Debra Rouiller
13813 Lincoln Street
Grand Haven MI 49417